APIK Indonesia East Java: “Two Steps Ahead!”

After conducting several internal meetings in early 2017, APIK East Java Province immediately kicked off with follow-up action. Member consolidation, work plan review and clean up the organizational structure of APIK located at Universitas Merdeka Madiun.

This meeting sparked a number of plans, among others, the making of Bunga Rampai book, enhancement of research cooperation and expansion of communication networks of researchers and academics concerned about climate change topics of East Java scope.

After that in April 2017, APIK East Java initiated the Roundtable of Climate Change Resilience at Universitas jember and became one of the co-host of international conference “Building of Food Sovereignty through a Sustainable Agriculture: Challenge of Climate Change and Global Economic Community” in cooperation with FoSSA and the Directorate General of Climate Change Control of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Followed by field visit to Wonoasri Village, Jember together with ICCTF Project team.

Furthermore, in August 2017, the signing of the Jember Declaration was intended to increase the role of APIK in the sustainable Agricultural Sector because the impacts of climate change affect the food security and sovereignty. The most recent activity, held in October 2017 was in the form of Deliberation and Working Meeting of East Java Province to accelerate the performance of APIK Indonesia of East Java Province and produce several strategic plans: the establishment of new management marked the end of APIK 2014-2017 period, implementation of International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC ) by 2018, improving the Research Colaboration and exploring the creation of the International Journal on Climate Changes.

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