Economic development needs to integrate climate change and other environmental issues

Jakarta, 13 April 2020 – The Covid-19 pandemic should remind everyone that there is a need to increase attention on environmental issues, including climate change. The Indonesian Climate Change and Forestry Expert Network (Jaringan Ahli Perubahan Iklim dan Kehutanan Indonesia, APIKI) reminds the government that this is the time to integrate economic development with climate change and other environmental issues to avoid future climate disasters and be more resilient when environmental disasters occur.

In an online discussion series titled “Updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) – Indonesia: Update on Indonesia’s Climate Change Control Plan” organized by APIKI and the Environment Institute on Monday, April 13, 2020, presented Dr. Nur Masripatin, Senior Advisor of the Minister of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), who is also the an APIKI Trustee as the main speaker. The online seminar was attended by around 100 participants.

“Entering the NDC 2020-2030 implementation period, Indonesia needs to strengthen its implementation at the sub-national level,” said Dr. Masripatin after presenting the latest stage of Indonesia’s Updated NDC. “There are many open opportunities for APIKI to contribute to the implementation of NDC. There are also challenges, including the risk of losing focus if it is not well planned and consistent in its implementation,” she continued.

The virtual discussion also presented panelists consisting of APIKI heads of regions from various provinces in Indonesia, underlined the need for real action on GHG emission reductions as Indonesia’s commitment of 29% unconditionally or with own efforts and 41% conditional or with support international standard by 2030.

“There is an interest to bring down to earth the NDC by detailing its implementation roadmap down to work plans of each ministry and other stakeholders. For example, who should be responsible for certain work, because there are many elements that require the role of other ministries besides the Ministry of Environment and Forestry,” explained Dr. Masripatin.

To support economic development that integrates the issue of climate change and other environmental problems, the omnibuslaw which is currently being discussed in parliament despite its many challenges, has the opportunity to include climate change issues. However, it needs strong political support from the parliament.

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Dr. Mahawan Karuniasa, Chairperson of APIK Indonesia Network
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