Indonesia’s Sustainable Agenda Creates Political Profitability

Jakarta – Indonesia’s Sustainable Agenda Creates Political Profitability. Toward 100 years of Indonesia’s independence in 2045, it takes the vision and agenda of Sustainable Indonesia, to face the limits of national development growth, because natural capital is not unlimited, it means there are limits to development, as stated Mahawan Karuniasa, Lecturer of Environmental Sciences University of Indonesia and Chairman General Network of Experts on Climate Change and Forestry Indonesia, in Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with Experts Indonesia 2045 in Jakarta.

FGD Indonesia 2045 titled Projection of Sustainable Development in Land Use, Agriculture and Forestry Aspect is carried out by Farmers Awakening Movement and Indonesian Fisherman (Gerbang Tani) in cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNS). While members of the House of Representatives, Ibnu Multazam who also attended highlighted the still strong sectoral interests in development, with examples of the construction of toll roads that split rice fields without paying attention to the waterways in the rice fields.

The phenomenon of growth limits is the result of a long-standing scientific study, which in 1972 predicted before 2100, there will be global collapse, where the global resources dropped dramatically followed by the decline in the production of goods, food and more the number of human populations also corrected.

In the Indonesian Vision 2045 document, Bappenas noted that by 2045 the population of the World will reach 9.45 billion and the Indonesian population will swell to 318 million. Of course, the population has implications for the increase of water, food and energy needs, especially with the increase in income per capita which also tends to be accompanied by the increasing needs of goods and services.

On the other hand up to now, the development area with more advanced economic typology, has a lower environmental quality, which means showing the National development is still patterned depleting the natural capital.

Therefore, concretely, it is necessary to build consensus on the part of the parties to control the population, build technological independence especially for water, food, energy, and digital, and acceleration of economic development of service sector based on ecosystem and culture of archipelago. Moreover, it is time for the sustainable Indonesia agenda to be the priority of the parties, especially the government and parliament platform as one of the main actors of development.

Politicians and constituents need to jointly create political profitability from the agenda of Sustainable Indonesia, because without it, national development planning only becomes a textual document without real development outcomes in society, close Mahawan Karuniasa.

On the same occasion, Idham Arsyad, Chairman of the Gerbang Tani stated that the results of the  FGD Indonesia 2045 conducted will be a material in preparing the National Development Platform that is sustainable in the next period of National Leadership.


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