The Ministry of Environment and Forestry Cooperate With FAO Prepares First Publication of Indonesia’s Forest Status Document

Menteri LHK, Siti Nurbaya yang hadir secara khusus untuk memberikan arahan dan koreksi atas penyusunan dokumen

REALITAONLINE.COM, JAKARTA – The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan –KLHK) in collaboration with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is preparing the first publication of the State of Indonesia Forest (SOFO) document. Tuesday (15/05/2018) KLHK together with representatives of FAO held a workshop to complete the contents of the document.

The document highlights the efforts of Indonesia Goverment through various forest policy and practice instruments promoting good governance in sustainable forest management in Indonesia.

LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya, who was present specifically to provide direction and corrections on the compilation of the document, said that the document is very important. Because these documents will become the basic guidelines for sustainable management of Indonesia’s forests in the future. “This is the future of Indonesia, the future of our forests,” said Minister Siti.

Minister Siti further gave the reason why this document is very important. This document can be used to formulate a perception of a problem to avoid perception failure so that the problem is difficult to solve. Through this document also, all the latest developments in forestry work are listed.

Through this document, differences between Forest Status and Forest Cover are resolved. Abroad this is a problem, and Indonesia should be able to explain that they have the right perception.

Then, the transparency of the decision-making process of a policy must be known to others. According to Minister Siti, transparency is not just giving data to the public, but more than that. With this document is expected to provide the transparency to the community.

“How do we go to a national goal or goal that others should know, other countries should know, other citizens in Indonesia should also know,” said Minister Siti.

Minister Siti also viewed this document as very important, considering that the international world is actually hoping that Indonesia can become a leader in several aspects.

“At various international meetings, always try to find leaders over peatlands, wildlife, pollution free planet, and so forth. Indonesia is often ogled in that aspect. “, She added.

The Indonesian Forest Status Document, contains several important aspects of Indonesian forest management. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 describe the current status of forest areas in Indonesia, including peat ecosystems, production forests and conservation areas.

In Chapter 3, explains efforts to address deforestation rates including by reducing forest and land fires and restoring peat ecosystems and controlling climate change. Chapter 4 specifically discusses the improvement of social forestry programs in Indonesia and the development of Indonesian forestry research.

Chapter 5 tells about the new directions taken in managing the conservation area. And Chapter 6 alludes to the contribution of the forest sector to the national economy and the current situation of the private sector, including certification of sustainable forest management and timber legality.

FAO’s representation for Indonesia, Stephen Rudgard said, that this document is a political and excellent document needed for Indonesia as well as the world.

“It is an honor for us FAO can support the SOFO process since October 2017. For FAO, Indonesian SOFO is not only important for Indonesia but also for the world,” said Stephen.

This Indonesian Forest Status Document will be printed into an English edition book. The first draft of this document is being reviewed technically, and will be updated with draft revisions by the end of this month. The writing of this book is coordinated directly by Dr. Effransjah, as an environmental activist who is also a Senior Advisor to the Minister of LHK.

The 2018 Indonesia Forest Status Book will be launched in late June 2018 through soft launching, before being presented by Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya at the FAO International Forest Committee Conference, in Rome, Italy in July 2018.(*)


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